About us


I_Rep Fondation, a locally initiated Community Based Organization, was founded as ‘Kepsteno Rotwoo Tipin’ (Let’s abandon the knife) in 2010 and registered by the ministry of Gender and Children Affairs by men and women (who were touched by the sufferings of marginalized girl child) ostensibly to protect, empower, rescue, socialize and support girls and women who have undergone or who are at risk of undergoing FGM, forced/or early marriages and other gender based violence.

Our aim is to empower women and girls to be proactive in raising awareness on the detrimental impact that FGM has on the lives of those who have been affected and those at the risk of other gender based vices. We also work with men, youth and community leaders, policy makers and health professionals to support those who have been abused, those at risk of abuse and re-abuse as well as changing the attitudes towards these redundant cultural practices.



A society free from all forms of gender based violence and discrimination, where women and girls are empowered to fully enjoy their human rights.


To be the influential voice to end all forms of gender based violence and abuse, joining the forces of communities and civil society groups through partnerships and cooperation with all stakeholders locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to achieve a safe society that recognizes values and respects the rights and dignity of girls and women.


I_Rep Foundation believes that once girls understand the dangers of FGM, and are equipped with knowledge of their human rights, they can take a stand and refuse to undergo the practice

Our Objectives

  • Sensitize community members on the negative implications of female genital mutilation and child/forced marriages
  • Support and improve access to education of the girl child within the community
  • Foster and facilitate synergies and cooperation between actors in the community and beyond in order to better address the cross-community nature of violence against women and girls
  • Provide practical tools for peaceful coexistence
  • Raise awareness and increase understanding and receptiveness among the Pokot community about the Kenyan Laws, the health and psychological risks of FGM and child marriages
  • Create safe spaces where victims of gender based violence can access psychological support
  • Improve coordination of activities amongst voluntary and community groups and statutory agencies working on similar issues

The Team

Domtila Chesang’

Director, I_Rep Foundation

Women’s and girls’ empowerment is a collective responsibility and I_Rep Foundation is a call to action to make our society better. It is something by us for us.

Domtila Chesang is the founder and the current Director of I_Rep Foundation. She hails from West Pokot County where FGM prevalence is over 75%, though in some remote villages the prevalence is still as high as 100%. She is a full time girl rights defender. Having trained as a high school teacher, she chose to put aside her profession and champion the end of harmful cultural practice in her community.

She is recognized both locally and internationally for her frontline campaign work. Because of her passion, determination and achievements, she has received a number of awards and recognitions.

MaryAnn Murage

Chief Magistrate in Childrens' Court.She has Law degree from the University of Nairobi, Post Graduate Diploma in law from Kenya School of Law and also a Trained Professional Mediator.

Gitonga Kigo

Finance and Investments Expert.Holds a Masters of Commerce (Finance and Investments) form KCA University, Bachelor of Art degree(public administration) from the University of Nairobi. He Is a Certified Public Accountant(CPA) and a Certified Information System Auditor(CISA). Founder member and manager at Karura Community Sacco.

Grace Amurle

Grace S. Amurle has over 20 years of experience in leadership position with expertise and competence in financial management, setting of internal controls, risk management frameworks, strategic and business plans and in the implementation of enterprise resource planning. She has expertise in human resource management and design of effective performance management tools.Ms. Amurle is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountancy of Kenya (ICPAK) and Information System Audit & Control Association (ISACA) .

Jane Lotele

"I Am Responsible for a better and beautiful world for all hence my great interest in working together and supporting I_REP Foundation in fighting against harmful cultural practices and advocating for quality education for all..."A goal-oriented and caring graduate of Sociology and Communication with a firm commitment to Social Care. She has excellent observational and listening skills which are effective when interacting with vulnerable people. She reaches out to locals to raise awareness on issues such domestic violence, child abuse, early marriages, anti-FGM; Offering financial, emotional support and advice in a professional and considerate manner. She also advocates for quality education and opportunities for girl & boy child.

Jonathan Tyno Rotino

Peace and Conflict practitionerWith over 5 years of experience in project and grant management, he holds a Master of Arts in International Relations from USIU. He is currently implementing a DANIDA funded Programme titled Peace, Security and Stability covering 15 Counties. On a voluntary basis, he holds the following positions; Fellow, Future Leaders Connect, British Council. Change Maker, African Leadership Institute. Youth Senator, West Pokot County at the Kenya Youth Senate. Patron and Founder, Tyno Football Club. Patron, Pokot Moi University Students Association. Board Member, St. Marys Secondary School.

Nicholas Siwatom

Nicholas has been actively involved in community activities especially those touching on youth, women and the environment; and which directly affects rural poor and disadvantaged. He is currently the Human Resource Director at the Standard Group Plc. In his line of work, he has acquired knowledge in strategic management, Corporate Governance, Human Resources, Talent management. Recently, he established a Community Based Organization to support youth empowerment.Nicholas holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Strategic Management from Maseno University, a Bachelor of Education (Bed Arts) in Business Studies and Economics) from the University of Nairobi.

Our Volunteers

Mary Lorwama
Ruth Loriono
Rosbella Lokada
Rosbella Lokada
Musa Loitanyang
Everlyne Lochale
Njeri Ruth
Teresa Siwareng
Benedete Sista
Leah Lopoke
Moses Lokeris
Agnes Lorema
Irene cheruto