Message of hope from us

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We are good in this country at holding our nerve and steadying one another.But a pandemic is something else; you can’t touch the virus, see it or even know where it is. It may be spread by those who are not aware they are infected. It is very serious for…

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our concern about the emergency holiday

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With schools closed for unknown period, we would like to express our concern and worries about the safety of our children during this period of emergency holiday. We would like to call upon all stakeholders concerned and the members of the public to remain vigilant. As an organization we are…

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Bring back Belinda

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Belinda is a 13-year-old girl from Kaptolomwo village in Kasei Ward, West Pokot County, Kenya. She is brilliant and determined to excel and secure herself a high school of her choice. Her dream was to complete her studies, secure a job and help her struggling mother to bring up her…

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