Young girls from the age of 7 years are at a high risk of FGM and child marriage especially in the remote villages of West Pokot. Once a girl is cut, she is viewed ripe for marriage.For this reason, I_Rep Foundation  provides a safe space for girls who have escaped from child marriage and FGM.

Once married, such girls will never have the chance to get back to school .With the help  of our partners and the community surveillance  groups formed, we have rescued 57 girls from child marriage and FGM. They have been  enrolled at Ortum Girls  Boarding Primary School.The school dormitories  acts as our safe house  as the organization hopes to have one soon . At the school , these girls get access to basic needs , education and psychosocial support.  An educated society contributes to gender equality and sustainability. 

A safe house at Ortum Girls that is yet to be completed.(2021)
I_Rep Foundation kids at Ortum Boarding Primary School