our concern about the emergency holiday

With schools closed for unknown period, we would like to express our concern and worries about the safety of our children during this period of emergency holiday. We would like to call upon all stakeholders concerned and the members of the public to remain vigilant. As an organization we are worried that during this period, Girls will be exposed to FGM, child marriages, teenage pregnancies, defilement among others. We call upon the law enforcers, the community, parents, religious leaders, boys and girls to be on alert and to report any cases or on suspicion that something harmful is to be done. Don’t let your children go to public places alone. They should always be accompanied by a responsible adult. Always ensure that your child is in safe hands. Most abuse happens at home and is perpetrated by people we know. If they are not properly counseled, they become victims of abuse.

On the case of this epidemic, we would like to urge that let’s come together by isolating ourselves until we have more answers. We believe that there is a green light on the other side of this epidemic that we are in right now. The green light will be built based on the values that we enact right now.The merit of kindness, resilient and respect of human dignity and being watchful of the other. If we practice these values right now, when we get out of this outbreak or plagues, this time maybe the one thing that unifies us like we have not been in that long time.
Stay safe and strong. We shall overcome.

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