Rescued from forced marriage

Rescued from forced marriage
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She had been married / abducted by a middle-aged man who already had a wife. This is a 13 year old child from Miskwony area in West Pokot County. She was abducted on a Sunday on one of the school holdings by a man who already had a wife. The man sneaked into the home of this girl on a Sunday afternoon when there was no one else in the home. Together with a group of about five men they rounded her up and carried her shoulder high to his nearby home without the consent of neither the girl nor the parents. She was put in the man’s house where he shared with his first wife. The girl was closed in from outside and given another young girl to give her company until the night fell as first wife moved to the kitchen. The men who had helped to abduct her kept watch from outside as they feasted.


When the night came and it was time to sleep the young girl who has provided company was asked to leave having been relieved of her duty. On the third day she managed to escape. She didn’t go to her parents’ house because she could trust no-one anymore. So she went to the chief who took her to the Police station. He left her at the hands of the police who treated her as a child in need of care and protection.


There being no rescue centre or children cells, she was put in the police adult cells from Thursday to Monday where I went quickly to get her out after I was informed by the OCS. We did counseling and facilitated medical support. Later on we took her to Ortum Girls Boarding Primary School where she is now continuing with her education.


Up to date no arrest has been made. The man has not been arrested neither the guys who aided him.

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