In the chilly village of kabichbich in pokot south during a GBV prevention and awareness outreach at St.Peter’s catholic church with young adolescent girls ,the team had just completed the session and as they were leaving, a young girl came forward and confessed boldly of how she was defiled when she was young yet she had never shared with anyone. Precious not her real name said, the session had impacted her to speak out and was ready to share her story inorder to protect other girls from falling victims of the same. She said she wanted to become a volunteer against GBV and a champion in her village to educate more girls and boys about GBV, forms of GBV and the consequences of GBV. She also mentioned that, many girls undergo GBV unknowingly and being in the session was insightful and had helped her to know when to seek help and also how to detect any incidences before they happen. She promised to continue with her education as she reaches out to more adolescent girls who require information on GBV. She was grateful to IRC-IREP-GFFO project and wishes for more sensitization on GBV to the community so that women, girls and other community members can understand their rights and roles in prevention of GBV.

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