Jonathan Tyno Rotino is a holder of master’s degree in International Relations from USIU. He hails from Siyoi ward in West Pokot County, Kenya. He is the founder and director of Tyno FC, a local football club in his home village Siyoi. He uses this platform to engage, empower and nature youth talents in his village through sports to avoid idleness which might lead them into crime and criminal activities.

Tyno’s recently got the attention of various mainstream media when his story of meeting and winning education scholarship from Joe Biden before he became president elect was highlighted. He is one of the students who hugely benefited from Biden’s generosity. Tyno got a full scholarship to pursue his education at United States International University.

Tyno currently works as a program specialist for Act Transform. He is a board member of various institutions across the county. His passion and dedication for charity work has seen him support the vulnerable youth not only from his county but across the country. He also crates time out of his very busy schedule which entails a lot of travelling to mentor and support the disadvantaged members of the community. The young man was recently appointed the patron in one of the universities in Kenya to represent university students from the Pokot Community.

As part of his Give Back to the community initiative Tyno also sits on the board of I Rep Foundation a locally initiated community based organization that champions for the rights of girls and women in West Pokot County. He advises the board and the organization on matters development and strategic planning. He also acts as the lead resource mobilization advisor of the organization. When time allows Tyno also takes part in community sensitization on the eradication of harmful practices. He uses this platform to shares knowledge, opportunities and offer general mentorship to youth and girls.

Tyno’s story is a reminder that in the world we live, no man is an island, that everyone must rely in the support and encouragement of others to thrive. The best way to repay those who held our hands when didn’t have is to extend the generosity to others who are in the same situation. It also reaffirms the truth that with hard work, perseverance and determination every dream is valid no matter the background.

I_Rep Foundation who is a direct beneficiary of his Give Back initiative is honored to be celebrating this recognition and achievement with Tyno. It acknowledges the vital role Rotino has played in empowering youths from West Pokot County and the support he has offered for the organization since inception. His tremendous efforts as a human rights defender, peace ambassador, and a man who is keen to ensure that other young people have access to equal opportunities in all sectors has had a huge impact in the grassroots level and the work of I Rep Foundation.

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  1. For the first time I hear of I_REP foundation which has impacted and is impacting on girl child and women empowerment. If this foundation will reach my location I believe the weak will get empowered. I congratulate Tyno for commendable work he is doing in the county and country at large. I request you to extend your tireless efforts to help our small organisations in Kacheliba constituency because opportunities have been said it will reach everyone equally without favour.
    Thank you

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