Girls and women are at a risk during this period the world of facing a pandemic. FGM, Gender Based Violence and sexual sexual assault has been in the recent past escalated by the epidemic such a diseases since most attention is focused on the fight against the pandemic while we tend to forget that girls and women are enduring suffering in silent and exposed to all forms to all forms of violence and vices such as FGM,rape and child/forced marriages.

These practices have affected the economic and social well-being of our generation of girls and women. In this difficult situation of COVID-19, FGM and child/early marriages poses a life-threatening,health and human rights challenges. the pandemic has created a ‘perfect’ condition for proponents of FGM ,child/early marriages to put through their depraved rationale.The closure of school as directed by the government alongside the Ministry of Health-Kenya directive of behavioral practice for social distancing has created a ‘favorable’ ambience resulting to the return to the practice of FGM and child/early marriages.

COVID-19 presents an immediate threat to human life thus the government and every responsible individuals to curb its spread and manage it. Similarly because of it, some individuals with deviant thinking take advantage of the situation to divert the attention by the authorities to disposes the future of our young promising girls subjecting them to child/early marriages and FGM.

Let’s be Watchful, Report , Sensitize ,Stay Safe, Sanitize and Protect our Girls

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